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From the Detroit Free Press Guest Book: OXHOLM LOPEZ JOSE M --- August 31, 2004 -- My Father.

Jamie Lescoe (Holly, MI ) August 31, 2004

Papa, as I called him, was the most unbelievable man. He was a rock through all of the turbulent times of my childhood. He was a beacon in the night guiding you through your bad day . He also was the soft comforting Papa that I would snuggle up to on the couch and he would read me letters from his family that were written in spanish. in the fall we would make our own apple cider and then make apple sauce out of the pulp. In the winter Cha Cha (Alicia) would slather our faces in vasoline so that we didn't get wind burn and Jason and I would proceed to help Papa shovel the drive way. In the summers we would go help Papa & Cha Cha on the farm. I suspect we did more hindering than helping ,but Papa would never say so. I could go on and on , in fact I could probably write a book filled with magic and adventures though amazingly enough all true . It would be the story of growing up with Cha Cha & Papa . I will never forget my Papa , he is eternally etched into my soul. In closing I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for giving me a childhood most children can only dream of having.

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By: Elizabeth Byler-Younts

Have you ever had someone in your life that believed in you more than you believed in yourself? In my life it was Jose Oxholm. Jose passed away August 28, 2004.

Jose did for me what no one else could have done. When I got the call telling me that Jose was gone there were many thoughts and feelings running through my mind and heart. But the one that was the strongest was that the man who believed in me first, outside of my parents, wasn't here anymore.

When I met him at the innocent age of fourteen I instantly heard the wisdom in his words and saw a smile in his eyes. He quickly became a friend, a mentor, and a hero. He helped me achieve the first real goal I had ever set, to be published. It didn't matter that my poetry book would never be on the NY Times Bestsellers list or part of Oprah's Book Club. What did matter was that Jose believed in me.

I'm twenty-six now, it's been twelve years since I met Jose. I wish I could turn back the years and had more time with him and his wonderful wife, Alicia. I would relish the time and his wise words even more. I would tell Jose how much he impacted my life. Jose will continue to make a difference in my life. I can no longer settle for a mediocre commitment to my writing. Jose didn't do anything halfway. Even living far away in Texas I feel emptier with the knowledge that he's gone. The wise man who gave me hope. A mentor who gave me a real dream to pursue.

I'm not fourteen anymore yet I'm still wide-eyed and niave enough to believe that everyone reading this has some dream hiding deep inside of them and hopefully someone who has helped nurture that dream. Thank those people before it's too late. If there's no "Jose" in your life then, please, be a "Jose" in someone else's. I am so proud to be a small part of the Legacy of Jose Oxholm; an eternal mentor, an eternal friend. Jose, you will never be forgotten.

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