Caguas High School, Puerto Rico

My heart and soul will always be with you.  (My mother)--I will meet with you again someday.jc

Picture of my Mother at Caguas High School on Graduation Day? Old picture and not clear.

¡Hola! These are names of people that were in my mother's Autograph book from Caguas High School 1936-1940. If anyone recognizes anyone or they are a family member I would really like to hear from you. Judith Villafañe was my mother and she passed away in the 60's when she was 39 years of age. I would like to capture that moment (High School) in her life. Thank you.

    Caguas High School, Caguas, Puerto Rico 1936-1939
  • Luz Mercedes Ramírez
  • Teresita
  • Aida Díaz
  • Placidín
  • Alberto Llabres, Jr., Club de Leones, Pres.
  • Miguel A. Candelario, Vice Pres. Club de Leones.
  • Carmen Díaz
  • Cándida R. González
  • Mario A.
  • Belén Lizardi
  • Jesús Algarín Colón, Tu Primo, San Lorenzo, P.R.)
  • José Angel González
  • Olga González
  • Marisa M.
  • María Ester Sánchez
  • Miguel A. Zayol
  • Julita Asteras
  • Cándida López
  • Luz L. Lozada
  • Ana Carlota
  • Nilda Gonzalez
  • Paquita
  • Hilda Olga Suárez
  • Flora Torruellas
  • Sixto
  • Flor de María Mouliere
  • Carmen Josefa Vigo
  • Emma Paradis
  • Rosa Costa
  • Gloria M. Correa
  • Josí Rafael Fernández
  • Guillermo Abarez
  • Rafael Santos
  • Ana Hilda --
  • Luis E. Correa
  • Marina E.Cara
  • Zahida Machín
  • Aida --
  • Irma Curet
  • -- Rivera
  • Pedro Hernández, Jr.
  • Tu Primita Hilda -- (16 años) Mayo 7, 1940
  • Leticia Cárdova
  • Aida Buonomo
  • Narciso A. Buxó
  • Lolita --
  • María Luisa Garvaja
  • Irma Rosario
  • Rissia Licha Franllia
  • The Artist in the book is Guillermo (Chivo)García

Irma Rosario ~ Home economics teacher at San Lorenzo High School.
Zahida Machin ~ Math teacher at the San Lorenzo High
School. Then she went on to teach at a local college.
Guillermo "Chivo" Gracia ~ Technician Engineer, worked with a relative. He was much older than her (when she was 25 he was in his late 50's. Note: Information received by a distant relative (JOI) who has just come to light. This is wonderful! If you have anything to add ~ please e-mail. We just might be related.