Material: Heraldica De Los Collazo and
The following was publicized in the "VANIDADES" magazine, September 15, 1987.

The Collazo Family History: Material is being work on for presentation throughout the site. Updates have begun to appear in the PAF and elsewhere. Extensive worked was done, and continues to be worked on by several family members. Fortunately, I was given this material and it will be posted by me on this site. I welcome any additional materials./jc. A real surprise. I thank you with all my heart.jc

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Heraldica De Los Collazo

The following was publicized in the "VANIDADES" magazine, September 15, 1987.
(The Shield)

COLLAZO: Spanish surname derivative of the old expression what signified "hermano de leche", the lucky brother or free persons. Attributing toward free holding of land deals. Formerly appearing diverse in the military surname of the Archive of General Military entered in the years 1795 through 1900. The 5 of August, 1767 going to the designated public notary of India's, Don Francisco Javier Collazo was in accordance's, recorded with evidences in the Archive of Simancas. In the Archive of General Ministry of Hacienda appear the records of Dona Maria Ignacia Collazo Fuster, daughter of the Administrator of Property. In 1828, Don Simon Eduardo Collazo. In the latter part of the 19th century, out posted in Cuba, the political writer Don Enrique Collazo.

We historian have even older information on the Collazo in Puerto Rico than what follows. In the year 1513, the first Collazo arrived in Puerto Rico. His name was Don Rodrigo Collazo. It was the registries of the manifest of ships arrival and documents of the real Hacienda. The establishment was in the south region of the island.

In the previous document there is mentioning of his descendants in the Archive of India's. They had occupied positions in the military in Guayama, Coamo, San German, Ponce y Maunabo, in the 17th / 18th century.

In the late 18th century the Collazo family were expanding. This was base on very old protocol. They were buying property and businesses in surrounding areas of Yabucoa, Manati, Utuado, Vega Baja, Cayey, Arecibo, Aguadilla, and Caguas.
In the beginning of the 19th century, no other family of Puerto Rico had occupied so many positions of government and military on the island. As this was printed in the reference of Spaniard Archives, 1800 - 1850.

Other entries followed. Don Manuel Collazo, Lieutenant of War, at Manuabo. Don Jose Rodriguez Collazo, Sergeant major of Urbanos, and the lieutenant of war at Ponce. Don Manuel Collazo, Lieutenant of war at Cayey. Don Bartolo Collazo, Captain of Urbanos at Luguillo, Don Gabriel Collazo, constable, mayor of the ville de Coamo, Don Juan Francisco Collazo, Lieutenant of war at Manati, Don Augustin Collazo Rodriguez, Lieutenant of war at Manati, Don Felipe Collazo, governing city of Santa Hermandad, at Arecibo. Don Juan Francisco Collazo, Lieutenant of war at Vega Baja, Don Francisco and Don Epifanio Collazo, captains of Urbanos at Manati.

Note: there are other positions such as Judge, mayor, Jefe (boss) in civil or military title.
Translation from Spanish to English.
Revised June 25, 2005

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Collazo Family History

Material in the PAF has been altered to reflex my families relationship to all. Ex: (Our Grandfather), (My Grandmother), so on and so forth... This material was written (transcribed by Eric Crowley) so it is in accordance to "his" relationship within material.

Jose Collazo Jimenez, Puerto Rico born December 24, 1872 and died January 24, 1927. He was a tall, blonde hair, blue eyes man.

His family was financial stable, following the culture, religious and rules of the times. Which supported his position of education, landowner, and one time mayor of Las Piedras. His picture hangs in the city hall along with the father of Puerto Rico's Munoz Rivera and United States President John F. Kennedy. At one time, it seem he was going to be a priest. He was very well like by all who knew him.

His first marriage was to Gregoria Colon at the age of 18 / 19. They had six children. She had died giving birth to a set of twins. He remarried with Maria Rios, once a beauty queen of San Juan, P.R.. Later, with no children, a legal divorce was granted. His third marriage was to Ramona Reyes Lopez, our grandmother. He was 34 yrs. old and she was18 yrs. old. Together, they had a total of fourteen children. Including the six from his previous marriage. Ramona was carrying their last child, when he died. He had died of double pneumonia at the age of 55 yrs. He was buried in the city of Juncos, P.R..

Felicita Lopez/Juan Reyes ( Great Great Grandparents )
Children: 1. Ramona ( Our Great Grandmother )
Ramona Reyes Lopez, Puerto Rican born 1888 and died 1932/

She was tall, dark brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin with few freckles. She was called Manchita all her life. Her mother had died giving birth to her. Her aunt mama Belen and papa Thomas in the country near Las Piedras then raised her. Her father Juan remarried, had a son, Macario. Juan never returned to see Ramona. A tutor for the arts of writing and reading educated her.

Her marriage was to Jose Collazo Jimenez at the age of 18 yrs. Together, they had a total of fourteen children. Including six from his previous marriage. Ramona was carrying their last child and nursing her daughter, Delia Maria of Tuberculosis (TB). Jose had died during this period. Her newborn had died and Delia Maria soon followed. Six to Seven month later, in Rio Piedras, P.R., Ramona had died in a sanitarium of Tuberculosis. She was only 44 yrs of age.

Jose Collazo Jimenez / Gregoria Colon --1st. Wife
Children: 1. Jose (Pepito) 1st. marriage; Jose Luis, Miguel Angel, and Nelson.

2nd. marriage;
and Yvette.

2. Arturo 1st. marriage;
Jose Manuel,
Gregoria Elisa,
Nereida and Rosini

3. Maria Collazo Colon/Pellin Villafañe Rotger marriage;
Osvaldo/Marisa marriage; with 3 girls. Ilsen, Ivonne,
and Ivette/Papo marriage/with two children.
Emil marriage/One child.
Judith Cope 1st. marriage; Delbert Cope Villafañe -Nancy/three children
Delbert, Jr./One child,

2nd. marriage Judith Villafañe Collazo/Jose M. Oxholm Lopez
Judith Maria Oxholm-Villafañe/James F. Coffin, Nellie Ann Oxholm-Villafañe/Lenny Drake/One child: Lena Drake

4. - Rafael 1st. marriage; Vicente, Arturo

5. - Fernando 0st. marriage; no children, he was one of the twins.

6. - Baldomero 1st. marriage; Mercedes, Taty, he was one of the twins.

Jose Collazo Jimenez / Ramona Reyes Lopez 3rd. Wife
Delia Maria.. Married to Cruz Garcia and had 3 children. Their first child died when the third one was born.
During an operation the third child had died. Nydia, the second child, had 3 children, Mark, Beverly, and
Charles. Delia Maria had died from Tuberculosis (TB) at an early age. Ramona took care of her until she became sick, then Felicita took over the care.
America #1.. At the age of two, she died falling down stairs.
Victor.. Married Matilde, they had a son, Wilfredo (Freddie).
Wilfredo married to Sonia, 4 children. Victor passed away 9/5/89.

America #2.. Puerto Rican born April 18, 1912 and died June 20, 1950. Looking very similar to her mother Ramona.
She had brown hair, brown eyes, fair skin complexion. She had graduated from Humacao High School, P.R.
Only an uncle Rafael living in Brooklyn, N.Y., she went to New York after graduation.
While in route, her Mother, Ramona Collazo died of TB at the age of 44.
Her #2.America's first marriage was to an Irishman. They moved to Florida, taking the younger sister Carmen Iris.
Leaving him, they moved back to join another sister Felicita (Fifa) in New York.
There she met Victor Manuel Arroyo. Together they had a daughter named Gloria Maria. A while later he left them and in Puerto Rico. She had another daughter named Judith.
America and Felicita (Fifa) both worked in factories to support themselves.
Felicita remarried, Ernest Seibecker and her moved to Michigan.

During World War II, America#2 opened her apartment & heart to family members and friends in need. Including those who were in the armed services. Gloria Maria was put into private schooling in order to receive a better education. After the war, they both went to visit Puerto Rico. Friends and family welcomed them.
Two years later, with problems related with her kidneys, she died of Uremia at the Knickerbocker Hospital in Harlem, New York. She never got to see her beloved Puerto Rico again.

Gloria Maria had seven children. Barbara Lynn, Richard Victor, Robert Craig, Jon Scott, Candi Maria, Estellita Denise, and Antonio Miguel.

Jose Collazo / Ramona Reyes

Agustin .. Married Concha, they had two daughters. Delia and Consepcion.
Delia son: 1- Manuel, married had 2 children. Both are married.
a- Manalo 2 daughter, 1 son: Maridilie, Marie and Manalo Jr.
b- Delia (Tita) 2 daughter: Maria del Mar / Michelle Marie.

Felicita .. (Fifa) Puerto Rican born Easter Sunday, April 4, 1915 and died the year
She was named after her grandmother. She was tall, brown hair, fair complexion and green eyes. She was called Fifa. She had helped in the care of Delia and Ramona (her mother) when both contracted Tuberculosis (TB). After their deaths, she returned to New York.

She married and had a son, Mark Anthony. He passed away 42 days later of double pneumonia. She remarried with Ernest Seibecker, and moved to Michigan. Where she helped raise many family members. Her sister, Carmen Iris and daughter Sandra, Sandra's two daughters, Lisa, Jennifer. Nydia and Gloria after Delia Maria death, and Ernest Jr. (stepson) also came to live with her.

Fifa had a talent for fabrication and sewing of her own clothing. She later made dance costumes for shows. As motivated to help others, she was a pillar to the family. She saw no wrong in anyone, only good. She suffered many illnesses, but regardless her obligations and commitments were still met. All who knew her loved her.

Jose Ramon was tall and slender. He was very well liked. Jose Ramon died at the age of 16, Tuberculosis (TB).

Humberto was short and stocky, had blonde hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Humberto died at the age of 15, Tuberculosis.

Federico had blonde hair, blue eyes. In a car accident at 5 years old, he did not get hurt. His nickname, was Locoito. Federico died at the age of 11, Tuberculosis (TB).

Guillermo.. (Willie) Puerto Rican born ___/ ___/ ___and died ___ / ___/ ___ . Married Flora in Puerto Rico.
He had dark hair, ____ eyes, _____ complexion.
They left Puerto Rico for New York in ____. They had William Jr. (papo), Carmen Iris, (named after her aunt), and Lydia Esther.
Raising the family in the Bronx, he was very nice man to all. He considered the whole Collazo family as his own family. When his niece, Gloria was with child, she was taken into their home. When his sister, Carmen Iris, passed away he went to the funeral in California.
As fate would have it, he passed away one year before his retirement to Puerto Rico.
William sons: 1- ___________ 2- ___________ Daughter: 1- ____________.
Carmen sons: 1- Luis 2- David 3- Eric
Lydia son: 1- Luis (nickname-corky)

Blanca Margarita.. Very fair skin. Died at the age of 3, Rickets.

12. Heriberto.. Died of Rickets at the age of 2.

Jose Collazo/Ramona Reyes
13. Carmen Iris.. Puerto Rican, born June 13, 1925 and died April 18,1972.
When she was age 6, Jose and Ramona had passed away within 6 or 7 months of each other.
She was sent to live with uncle Baldmero and family.
At the age of 7, Carmen Iris traveled with her sister America#2 to New York.
America had married, and moved with them to the State of Florida.
America, leaving her husband, moved back to join Felicita (Fifa) in New York.
Later, at the age of 12, Carmen Iris joined her uncle Jose (Pepito). Traveling to Puerto Rico. Felicita (Fifa) and Ernest took Carmen to live in Michigan.
During the Second World War, Carmen met and later married Ralph Crowly. They had a daughter, Sandra Ramona. Their married had broken up, so she returned to live with Felicita (Fifa). While America was living in NY she became ill with Uremia so she and her 6 month old son, Eric, went to New York and Fifa cared for her. Sandra stayed with Fifa.
While living in New York, Sandra Ramona met and married William Melendez.
Children were:
Estellita Yolanda, Rose America. William Charles including Eric Edward and Sandra Ramona.
Carmen Iris died in Los Angeles, California.
She had green eyes, light complexion, dark hair. She enjoyed people as people enjoyed her.
Sandra Ramona: Nov. 16, 1944
Rose America: April, 29, 1951
girls: 1- _Lisa ________ DOB - __________ girl: 1- _Sunday _____DOB -
2- _Jennifer ______ DOB - ___
3- _Julie _________ DOB - ___
Eric: Feb. 12, 1948
Estelle: Feb. 19, 1950
girl: 1- _Erica DOB - ______
girl: 1- _Yolanda DOB - ___
Son: 1- _?_____ DOB - _____

William: March:
girl 1- Catherine_____ DOB -
Son 1- Gregory______ DOB -
2- _Mathews____ DOB -
14. Unknown.. A boy died shortly after birth.

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Please Note: E-mail received in 2003. I was surprised this morning after finding your great job in rescuing much of our past history. I could find some people among the Collazo group which I personally had the chance to meet. I'am Jose Antonio Collazo Mediavilla, son of Cesar Augusto Collazo Collazo and Nilda Iris Mediavilla Marquez - Cesar was son of Augusto Collazo Colon and Rosa Collazo - This Collazo group where from Juncos PR -Unfortunately ( for me ) given that relations between my family group and my fathers family where not as frequent as we would have liked I just have very little knowledge on their roots . I could mention that Rosa , my grandmother ( died years ago ) was daughter of Bardomero Collazo - Jose Collazo ( one time mayor of Las Piedras - was Augustos father - I understand he liked to... (he was a very colorful character/jc) {-:) . I remember when I was very young meeting Fernando Collazo , Concha Collazo , Tio Pepe Collazo-great people. I would love to know more on any information you may have on this - would really appreciate it . Thanks for your good job , J.Collazo Anything I can do from my side to enrich your " outstanding work" feel free to contact me. home