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José M. Oxholm is a published author of sixteen poetry books with international distribution.

Updated information on Sale of this Book 5/2014 --"Days of Milk and Honey" is a unique collection of letters from well known public figures and writers that took part in shaping the history of the world.

Ted Kennedy, Rosalyn Carter and Hubert Humphrey wrote a nice note. Grace de Monaco sent an autographed family portrait and most U.S. Governors responded. Eugene McCarthy wrote a poem about his daughter and a rambling Boy Scout reminiscence from William Westmoreland to name a few.

The letter writing project was developed to assist in our four children's education. We encouraged them to write letters to people in the news asking them to send something like a poem or an interesting experience.

Well known public figures have taken time from their busy schedules to share their wisdom and kindness with our four children from Detroit, Michigan. When the letter responses started coming in we put them together in the format of "Days of Milk and Honey" a magazine for children 5 to 90. The letters encompass almost 10 years and we decided to share these wonderful experiences with others.
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José M. Oxholm

May 1927-August 2004

Born in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico, May 8, 1927. Graduated with High Honors from the University of Puerto Rico in 1950. Lives in Albion, Michigan with his wife Alicia. They have six children.

The poet, with anglosaxon surname, but with deep hispanic roots, has hundreds of friends internationally. His most precious riches are those friends, whose literary contributions grace his magazine, Puerto Norte y Sur.

Founder, printer-editor-director of Puerto Norte y Sur, of world-wide distribution, born over 25 years ago. Established and directed with his wife and children Days of Milk and Honey where many historical figures from the United States and the world contributed letters.
Was declared distinguised son of Guayanilla by the Municipal Assembly. Appeared in the first promotion of the Club of Immortals of his town.
Diploma for Excellence in Poetry from the University of Colorado.
Named "Maestro" of poetry by Correo de la Poesía, literary magazine from Valparaíso, Chile, directed by Alfonso Larrahona Kästen.
Honarary Member of AUTAR, Argentinian Authors. Member of the Writers Association of Puerto Rico; Member of the Prometeo Society of Poetry, located in Madrid, Spain. Founder of the House of Poets of the World. His poetic woods have trees that honor poets from many countries. His poetry was included in Antología Hispanoamericana of Buenos Aires, Argentina, of which he was named godfather for Puerto Rico.
Has participated in the Program of Poets in the schools sponsored by the Council for the Arts of Michigan.
Has read his poetry in colleges, libraries and the Poetry Society of Michigan, his honorariums donated to Boys Town in San Luis Potosí, México, and the Tarahumara Mission in Sisoguichi, Mexico.
Part of his work has been translated to English, French, Portuguese and Greek. Appears in books in Braille.
Has contributed to numerous magazines. His poetry has been included in more than 20 anthologies around the world. Writes poetry, loves poetry, lives poetry.

Books Published (+)

Rasgos de mi mudo - 1966
Dos Puntos y Aparte - 1967
Hacia el Puerto - 1971
Alta Mar y Horizontes - 1972
Mago de día - 1973
Acequias Nuevas, Aljibes hondos - 1974
Dimensión de Angeles - 1976
Desierta Llama Viva - 1979
Voces de Sol - 1985
Norte y Sur en el Alma - 1989
Brotes de Asombro - 1993
Angeles Me Velan - 1993
20 Décimas de Amor - 1994
Afino Cuerdas de Otoño - 1995
Se Espiga El Canto - 1996
Alba de Abedules - 1998

REVIEWS: "...at one and the same time such passages of gentle amusement and touching inspiration." Coleman A. Young, Mayor of Detroit

"...Thank you for sending me a copy of your beautiful newspaper, Days of Milk and Honey, which contains only good news. How refreshing it is!" Arch Monson, Jr., President of the Boy Scouts of America
"...This morning, among the toppling stacks of serious papers on my desk, I found a small jewel: your book." Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles
"...I was much impressed with your Days of Milk and Honey, which I must say is a unique publication." General William Childs Westmoreland.

Please Note: (Edition I - Will Be For Sale On EBAY as of 5/2014 proceeds of all book sales are going directly to benefit "the children" of outer Juarez, Mexico ).
Limited First Edition (200 copies) Type set by hand and printed on a Chandler and Price 8 x 12 letter press.

 Dad's Printing PressHand bound. 120 pages; soft cover. Illustrated with original linoleum cuts. The book measures 5.5 inches by 8 inches.

Second Edition - Same book content as Edition I - printed by the off-set printing process and perfect bound. 2,000 books are available for sale on Ebay - Great Educational Tool - All proceeds going to the children of the outskirts of Juarez, Mexico - Free Shipping in the US only.
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