"Life On The Farm"

Written by: Josephine A. Hattie


Our life on the farm has kept us in constant contact with wild life and nature. In the city we have artificial distractions, which separate us from the roots of our country life.

In the country we see the woods where flowers and ferns grow, toad stools, many mushrooms, some eatable and some not, and the sponge bottom mushrooms are so pretty in season. There are loads of wild blackberries that make such delicious pies! Going fishing in the clear brook and catching a trout is very satisfying. Such a creation of God!

While resting we hear the music of the babbling brook. We see pussy willow hanging with cathins, a restful place to sit and dream, or we continue our walk on a carpet of evergreen needles and moss.

The rabbits, racoons, porcupines, deer and birds to marvel at galore. The call of the Crow, Raven and wild ducks. The Ve-formation of the wild geese and their talking to one another as they fly south to beat on-coming winter. Our pretty little Chicadees and Blue Jays are bustling about. There is so much beauty in nature.

We stop by the spring for a cool drink of water. It is so pure it should only be served in a silver goblet.

Thank you Lord for soothing our souls. This is life for me in the county.

NOTE: This was written by J.A. Hattie, Upstate, N.Y. She is no longer with us. These word were found by a relative in the family bible.

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