I must also say that I receive many article from many sources. I appreciate all of these, which are all so very helpful. I thank you all.
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***Resources: Previous genealogies: Are you sure your the first historian in the family? Library of Congress has more than 40,000 family histories
Library of Congress

The Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana has a extensive genelogical collection. (www.acpl.lib.in.us/genealogy)***

Graphics and Tubes

Links or Names To Graphics, PSP Tubes and or Brush Sites I Frequent

I would like to give credit and my appreciation to all the people who work so hard and create these wonderful graphics. I must admit that I am hooked on PSP Tubes. I also put together a few of my own.jc (-: }

Sites I Have Frequently Visited. As I do more and more of my own photos, I am unsure if they are still out there.

  • VictorianTubeHeaven
  • Blue Shadow Tubes
  • Annie's Corner
  • Havasu Hideout
  • Victorian Rituals
  • My Tubes For Paint Shop 6
  • PSP Sit and Tube
  • Always Unique
  • Victorian Graphics
  • Wings-n-Such
  • Geneaology Graphics Timberlake Home Page
  • Maria's Graphics
  • Destiny's Designs
  • Mama's Free Graphics
  • Graphics by Kellea
  • SilverMist Graphique
  • Celtic Clipart
  • From The Cat (What a Site!)
  • Fullmoongraphics
  • Backgrounds By Marie
  • My Follies
  • Ivystubes
  • Denise Van Patten- Collectdolls
  • Frandy's Place
  • Kristy's Tubes
  • Post Cards are from and with permission of Larry Myers

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