A Page For My Family And Yours

The Families of Judith M. Oxholm Villafane

Daddy's  Angel

To be like a child.
I am like a child.
Angels watch over me.
José M. Oxholm 1927-2004


These are some my family surnames:
Oxholm, Lopez,Villafane, Collazo, Lopez del Valle, Kissell, Pubill, Marichal, Colon, Diaz, Marcucci, Lugo, Jimenez, Machin, Uribe, Rivera, Vivaldi, Pacheco, Flores, Segundo, Lacorte, Rodriguez, Concepcion de Jesus, Torres, Montalvo, Borrero, Negroni, Lopez de Victoria, Ortis, Matos, Segarra, Rodriguez de la Seda, Melendez, Lluberas, de Mattei, Bartolomei, Echevarria, Antoni, Febre, Aguirre, Giovanni, Glacomo, Negrone de S.C., Michans, Briganti, Remigio de Lugo, Delgado, Sea, Nolasco, Oxholm de leon, and many more.


I will always have you in my heart...

I would really love to hear from you all! Thank You.jc

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Live your life with love
so pure
in the morning light.
(Perhap not exact translation, but it sure does sound nice![jc]

Vive tu vida con amor limpio y claro
de la mañana.
Jose M. Oxholm
1927-2004 (My dear father)

Public Library in Guayanilla, Puerto Rico

2012 Building was dedicated to Jose M. Oxholm, poet, 1927-2004 of Guayanilla, Puerto Rico.

It is the Public Library and home to the Cultural Club. We will always remember you.

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