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Give this site a look --The "1910 Puerto Rico Census" - (Census Transcript Project Completed Index)

My Cousin, Hector Andres Negroni Becerra, and The Negroni Family Historical Summary. [Updated Addition]

Family Connection

Antoine Francois de Negroni de San Colombano (Castle of San Colombano, born 1794, died in Yauco, 2 April 1861). Upon his arrival in 1822 to Puerto Rico he changed his name to Antonio Francisco Negroni Mattei. His first marriage was 18 May 1826 in Yauco to Rita Rodriguez de la Seda y Lopez de Victoria (born in Yauco, 1808, died. in Yauco, 12 December 1839). She was the daughter of Pascual Rodriguez de la Seda y Lopez de Victoria (Yauco, 1756-Yauco, 22 January 1823), who had been the mayor of Yauco 1811-1817 and of Maria Luisa Lopez de Victoria (Yauco, 1772-Yauco, 18 November 1850). [My family connection is with--Rita Rodriquez de la Seda Lopez de Victoria.]

Caguas, P.R. High School

Sugar Cane

Life On The Farm" Written by: Josephine A. Hattie

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The Poetry of Jose M. Oxholm (A Very Special Section)

This good-bye burns handkerchiefs and tears.
Este adios quema panuelos y lagrimas.
José M. Oxholm, Brotes De Asombro
1927-2004 José Miguel Oxholm

Written by: Maria Luisa Oxholm, August 28, 2004 -- This was written three years ago by my sister - recalling our father - José M. Oxholm. We all look back and smile.

Throughout his life my father was a good son, a faithful and loving husband, a proud father and grandfather and loyal friend. I want to take a few moments to reflect on some of the highlights of his life and also some fun memories of my dad José Miguel Oxholm.

Our Dad

My Heart Smiles - Short Story - Recalling My Mother/jc

(Libro Nuevo - 03/02/2006 "El Verde Es Casi Azul Claro" -- Si me Das Luz, Quedo Pensando,...)El Verde Es Casi Azul Claro - José M. Oxholm

La poeta, Cristina Lacasa (Lerida, Spain)esta creando un blog, en el que en uno de sus articulos, ha rendido un pequeno homenaje a Jose M. Oxholm y me gustaria que lo vieras. La direccion de su blog es:www.cristinalacasa.blogspot.com La resena del articulo sobre el libro - Haikus de vida y muerte de Jose M. Oxholm esta en: http://cristinalacasa.blogspot.com/2007/07/haikus-de-vida-y-muerte-jos-m-oxholm.html

My father, José M. Oxholm, Poet pasted away August 28, 2004. He had another book ready to be printed on his press a Chandler and Price 8 x 12. It was decided by his family that it should be copied "as is". The hand writen manuscript for "Haikus de Vida y Muerte"(in spanish)was published in draft format with illustrations made by Francesca in '05. Francesca is one of his 11 grandchildren. The book was dedicated to Christina Lacase, by my father to a poet and friend ["amiga del alma, poetisa de todos los tiempos".] His last book will be placed on-line.

"Haikus de Vida y Muerte"

José M. Oxholm

Vive tu vida
con amor limpio y claro de la ...

I am so honored to be able to present the following information regarding an event that took place on February 23, 2002, in the Town of Guayanilla, Puerto Rico at the Cultural Center. The Honorable Mayor of Guayanilla, Sr. Edgardo Arlequin Velez, many distinguished poets and approximately 200 persons attended. The Antology: "Estreno De Inocencia" by José M. Oxholm Lopez was presented and he was honored for his many accomplishments. (This Article is in Spanish.) We are fortunate to have made a cd of the occasion).

"Antologia:Estreno de Inocencia"

NUEVO -- A Manera De Prologo I Prologo: Manera De Prologo I

Poetas De Puerto Rico - Por German Pardo Garcia Prologo II: Poetas De Puerto Rico

Acequias Nuevas, Aljibes Hondos - Por Mireya Robles, Ph.D. Briarcliff College Prologo III: Acequias Nuevas, Aljibes HondosTestimonio. Un Libro de Sonetos - Por Pedro Pablo Paredes

Prologo IV - Dimension de AngelesOxholm, El Paisaje Y La Nostalgia - Por Luis Ricardo Furlan

Prologo V

PrologoVI Desierto, Llama Viva

PrologoVII Voces De Sol

PrologoVIII De Picos Y Redondeces 20 Decimas de Amor

Prologo IX Decimas de Amor

Prologo X - Francisco Matos Paoli

NUEVO -- Les presento: "Voces de Sol" - De la Antologia: Estreno de Inocencia - José M. Oxholm.

Voces de Sol pg1

Voces de Sol pg2

Voces de Sol pg3

Voces de Sol pg4

Voces de Sol pg5

Angeles Me Velan

Cultivating a Dream at the House of Poets - English/Spanish

Brotes De Asombro - English/Spanish.

Days of Milk and Honey.

Days of Milk and Honey" is a unique collection of letters from well known public figures and writers that took part in shaping the history of the world.

Days of Milk and Honey.(other)


Afino Cuerdas De Otono

Part II -- Afino Cuerdas De Otoño


Catalogo Biografico De Hijos de Guayanilla - Otto Sievens Irizarry(c)1994.

Cartas y Comentarios de los Libros de Jose M. Oxholm


Hacia El Puerto

Hacia El Puerto II

Se Espiga El Canto

Se Espiga El Canto II


Al Poeta José M. Oxholm - Francisco Henriquez

La Poesia de José M. Oxholm

Included is a project (by the Oxholm children) of "Writer's Live At The Library", coordinated by Sandy Ciupak, sponsored by the Lila Wallace - Reader's Digest Foundation. "Days of Milk and Honey". Request for "stones with a interesting story" for our fireplace had many generous replies. They were highly interesting to say the least. "Casa De Los Poetas Del Mundo" "House of the Poets of the World" --"A dream very close to our hearts comes closer and closer to a reality in our hills in Albion, Michigan....." José M. Oxholm

A Chandler and Price 8x12 letter press. José M. Oxholm used this type of letter press to print his books and yearly magazine. Handset type the only way to go!

Also, For Book Information ~ c/o Judith M. Oxholm VillafaƱe

La poeta Cristina Lacasa -- La direccion de su blog es:www.cristinalacasa.blogspot.com --Uno de sus articulos, ha rendido un pequeno homenaje a José M. Oxholm. La resena del articulo sobre el libro "Haikus de vida y muerte" de José M. Oxholm esta en: http://cristinalacasa.blogspot.com/2007/07/haikus-de-vida-y-muerte-jos-m-oxholm.html

A coquí is a very small tree frog that serenades from dusk to dawn on the Island of Puerto Rico exclusively. The coquí frog is Puerto Rico's national emblem. His song is in my heart forever - - coquí coquí

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